Motion Picture: SLIPAWAY

                       Years separated them. Dreams brought them together.


When a homeless young musician moves into a sailboat with a lonesome elderly widow, the two must overcome their differences to amend the haunting past and unlock each other’s dreams.

Slipaway is a journey of self-discovery, courage, and unconditional friendship between two solitary souls at opposite ends of life. Despite the odds, their turbulent bond rescues them both and sets free their ultimate calling.

Neglected by her family, Fall, an eclectic elderly with good intentions but extreme measures, seeks companionship in everyday life but finds little of it in our hyper-busy world. When she comes across Adam, a young street musician selling his keyboard, she buys it on a whim under the pretense of wanting to learn piano. Suspicious and wary, Adam agrees and quickly finds himself stuck in an unsteady home with one feisty lady.

With time, Adam and Fall grow to enjoy each other's company, and a genuine friendship develops. Yet before Adam can explore this new-found life, his violent past resurfaces and threatens to destroy everything. Meanwhile, an irreparable secret Fall has been hiding starts to unravel.

When Fall's family gets involved, the two friends struggle to maintain control as their world collapses, leaving Adam with his unfulfilled promise to Fall, a promise so controversial as it is human.



TV Limited Series:
The Last Encore

The screen adaptation of the #1 Amazon Bestseller. Written by Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz.

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When a mysterious elder with dark secrets finds the beautiful pianist whose life she had destroyed decades ago, she hatches a plot to atone for her sins and unknowingly sets in motion a devastating family reunion of the forbidden kind.

Tormented by guilt, Lily Bernard is a graceful and wealthy elder with a sinister past. When she attends an elite fine arts party in Los Angeles, she seemingly chances upon Katherine Konova, a gifted pianist, whose life Lily had covertly ruined decades ago.

Finally seeing an opportunity to clean her conscience, Lily infiltrates Katherine’s world. Even though Katherine grows suspicious of the sudden friendship, she soon gives in to the old woman's appeal.

Meanwhile, Lily arranges for Lucas Adler, a talented young German poet, to fly to Los Angeles and present his work at her upcoming fine arts party.

Lily introduces Lucas to Katherine and both are immediately infatuated with each other. Although resistant at first, Katherine soon falls for the captivating young man, and they dive into a sensual love affair.

When Katherine discovers an antique watch from her traumatic past in Lucas’ pocket, it shakes her to the core and reveals his true identity.

Based on true events, this character-driven limited series adaptation of the same-titled Amazon bestselling novel by Julia Butler explores a fascinating yet obscure psychological phenomenon.

Each week, an intricate mystery stretched over decades unravels intertwined storylines from the Soviet Union, through Germany to contemporary Los Angeles.

The Last Encore depicts the incredible journey of one woman who fights sexual abuse, endures wrongful
incarceration and uncovers a devastating family secret.

Courageously portraying the truth behind a timeless taboo, this controversial show will leave viewers engaged long after they have watched the season finale.


Screenplay: The Marriage Myth

When a nerdy college professor’s old ways get crushed by a mysterious beauty he meets online, he must plunge into a quest for true happiness but ends up in a chaos of embarrassing misadventures that threaten to pull his entire family apart.

THE MARRIAGE MYTH is a broad, laugh-out-loud, outrageous romantic comedy about finding real happiness amidst an escalating drama of mythical Greek proportions. A middle-aged man, Bill Fritzky, and wife, Elaine, are stuck in a midlife crisis and a crumbling marriage. They are lured by a temptation to explore their sexual fantasies in secret. A series of hilarious misadventures explode in a climax that leads them both to find love in the most conspicuous of places.

Bill's dull and dreary life is indecently stripped of all layers of normalcy, when, on a whim, he allows his curiosity to get the better of him and decides to delve into a forbidden place. On the advice of his wild European colleague, Konstantin Skrulov, he tentatively enters a dating site for swingers to explore what he at first believes to be just a harmless fantasy. His fascination with Greek mythology and a strange coincidence ultimately lead to his undoing. He is 'seduced’ by a mysterious Greek Goddess, and his life begins to unravel with crazy, calamitous and hilarious consequences.

THE MARRIAGE MYTH is “Crazy Stupid Love” having sex with “You’ve Got Mail”. It is a daring, character-driven story about discovering real happiness through surreal circumstances in our digital world.


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THE MARRIAGE MYTH got into the quarter finals of Creative World Awards.