Reviews for The Last Encore

"Butler evokes a sweeping sense of souls entwined by fate."

 ~Publishers Weekly

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"As with Kate Morton or Madeleine L’Engle’s works, Julia Butler writes with a rich mastery of subtle language, which she uses in effect to hoodwink us into believing one thing temporarily, before throwing a sudden counterpoint in the forward progression of the novel, causing the reader to never have a clear idea about what is happening. The language in this book is exceptionally well-refined, meaning that there are no moments of pedantic prose that ponderously lures the reader to sleep. Rather, the effectively clear, though deftly descriptive prose unwittingly pulls the reader’s conscious and subconscious mind into the story’s unrelenting flow of tawdry drama and salacious secrets."

~ Bibliophile Reverie

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What a mind opening experience!  Julia Butler’s The Last Encore is impossible to put down. Written with the sensitivity of a poet and the creativity of a true artist, it is, at its core, a beautiful and sensual love story, conflicted with an unthinkable human drama that forces the reader to confront their moral values and personal biases. At times shocking, bordering on the taboo, it is written with such grace and sophistication, you cannot be emotionally uninvolved. It's a book that will stay with you for a very long time.

~Chanti Niven  (

Captivating Speakers International

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 " ~an unassuming story of almost-instantaneous passion between a mature woman and a younger man. The story engagingly reveals layers of information, past and present, amidst a recurring melody of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” It also provides a sense of life in Russia under the shadow of the KGB: At any moment, an innocent citizen could be snatched and accused of wrongdoing, an ordeal that Katherine at one point experiences. Her present-day affair in California plays out against a backdrop of family secrets, which generates suspense throughout. The narrative ends on a dissonant yet hopeful note, with potential for a sequel.
A slow-building romantic novel that focuses on the vital bond between lovers."


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Julia Butler has cleverly slipped in the subliminal messages to this book, "Music is the key of Life", by having all her titles denoted in musical terms.  Just as music, we have highs and lows and crescendos and modulations...

The intriguing and romantic story of Katherine Konova is expertly laid out with an extremely beautiful language coming from an extremely beautiful author.  You can feel the hidden flow of poetry in her paragraphs.

Katherine's new found love in LA and her first love in Russia is kind of related.  That is the part for you to find out.  Since this is a must read, why say more...

Elvis Newman, Author of "Life Lessons from Nature"

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A powerful, sensual, beautifully woven story of love and betrayal… Extraordinary characters, fantastic writing… The Last Encore is compelling and shocking… A story that has a perfect combination of drama and romance, psychological depth and eroticism. Relish this jewel and hope for more.

Anna Quintana, Professor of English Language




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