July 06, 2014


My daughter, Kayla, and I were enjoying our lunch when a strikingly beautiful woman walked into the restaurant. Everyone turned and stared at her, as she was stunning and elegant. It was obvious, that the owner knew her well, and she was quietly seated at a cozy table for two by the window. She ordered food and then indulged into her smartphone. Some guests kept glancing at her, probably wondering, as I did, about a handsome, tall guy who would soon show up at the doorsteps and join the gorgeous lady. A few minutes later a charming short-statured adult man walked in. He saluted the owner and rushed to the table with the elegant beauty. She glowed with a wide, happy smile, leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. They hugged, and giggled, and kissed more. She then placed a special cushion on his chair and supported him lightly while he climbed up. They laughed and talked and held hands the entire time, unaware of anyone around, as if they had escaped into their own world of magic.                                                    

Kayla looked at me, as we were both speechlessly mesmerized and forever inspired. A million thoughts rushed through my mind, making me realize once again how deceiving our expectations can be. Instead of simply feeling the joy of being and observing life without projecting our ideas or judgements into everything around us, instead of living the reality itself versus struggling through our perception of it, we still tend to choose the "subjective". Recently, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Sri Madhuji, a renowned Indian guru and spiritual master, and so I asked him after sharing my story: "Madhuji, how would you explain what I am going through?" He smiled kindly and responded in his charming accent: "Why do you need to explain? Just go through it, don't think, but enjoy and don't ask questions. It's more simple than you think. So, don't think."

As I am still fighting the occasional demons of judgement and preconception, I find myself closer than ever to unconditional love, happiness and serenity. Harmony.

Writing "The Last Encore" turned out to be the most liberating and rewarding journey in my search for the truth and answers to my family's bizzare secret, as well as fulfilling my desire to achieve oneness with the reality of this psychologically complex and dramatic story. A beautiful quote by William Blake comes to mind: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to men as if it is infinite.”

Dear ones, thank you for taking your precious time to be here with me. We all go through unforgettable experiences that impact us forever to come; they wake us up, shake and shape us into better human beings. And as with gratitude I am sharing with you one of my defining moments, I would love to read about yours.



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